Check google maps for these locations.

The Esopus creek at the house has some of the best Large mouth bass  fishing .
All the water in Ulster county is perfect this spring for the first time in years.

“If  it’s Trout you are after…..”

Any of the creeks that cross rt 212 between Saugerties and Woodstock Have trout.

Saugerties reservoir. Fish near the bridge at Carelis rd and Reservoir rd.
Zena highwoods rd  by bridge just off county rd 30. (sawkill creek)
Off Zena rd between  rt 212 and Zena highwoods rd.(sawkill creek)
Esopus creek at rt 28 boiceville. fish along Coldbrook rd. paralel to rt 28
Esopus creek  at rt 28 boiceville. Five arches bridge and Chimney hole.
Park on left after after bridge(rt 28a) at boiceville ) Go a half mile thu the woods.
follow trail to water.

The Esopus Creek from Coldbrook Rd. in Boiceville

Looking towards the “Chimney Hole” on the Esopus creek.

Copyright Krashkramer 2011

Levitt's kid bass
photo H.Levitt 2016


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